For the first time 41999 oneplus 6T only for 30999 8gb RAM variant

If your dream to own oneplus smartphone then it’s a best chance to grab this offer Amazon is giving oneplus 6T only at 30999 for 8gb RAM and 128gb storage.

Original price of this phone is 41999 when one plus launch it in India then after a few weeks ago oneplus drop the price 4000 ahead of oneplus 7 launch and now customers can get this 37999 it’s best price for this phone but something happen and Amazon offering this for only at 32999/-

How to get this offer:

>Amazon summer sell is going to start from 4th May to 7th may.

>If your prime member then you can grab this offer 1 day early ie from 3rd may.

>originally launched oneplus 6t price was 41999 and now it’s going to sell for just 32999.

>If you have SBI debit card or credit card then you have a special offer 10% instant cashback Max 2000.

>After applying all offer you’ll get oneplus 6t as low as 30999/-

>Unbeatable at this price range and remember this is only a limited stock.

>Grab as soon as possible

Highlights of phone :

✓ Qualcomm snapdragon 845

✓ 16mp+20mp rear camera with OIS

✓ 16mp front camera

✓ Android 9 pie with oxygen OS

✓ 6.41 inch fullHD+ display

✓ night mode + super slow motion

✓ dash charger 30 min 50%

✓ Corning gorilla glass 6

✓ 3700mah battery

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Top 5 Actors Who Died During Film Shooting

#1: Heath Ledger

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (2009) On the 22nd of January 2008, Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment after an overdose on prescription drugs. The 28-year-old actor had already completed his work on “The Dark Knight” for which he’d win a posthumous Oscar.

#2: Brandon Lee

“The Crow” (1994) In a twisted turn of fate, the Lee family faced tragedy once again almost twenty years after Bruce’s untimely passing, when the martial artist’s son Brandon was killed in a freak accident.

#3: Paul Walker

“Furious 7” (2013) After one of his ‘Reach Out’ charity foundation events, Paul Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, drove away from the area in a Porsche, unaware of the tragedy that awaited them. While driving, they lost control of the vehicle and violently crashed into a concrete lamppost and two trees, instantly decimating the car and igniting it in a burst of flames.

#4: Bruce Lee

“The Game of Death” (1972) Bruce Lee was a mega movie star at the peak of his career, providing audiences with sensational martial arts flicks featuring death-defying stunts and stunning fight choreography. While working on “The Game of Death,” Lee began to experience painful headaches and even collapsed due to sudden seizures on occasion. But his illness ultimately got the better of him one night when he went to sleep after taking a painkiller from a fellow actress, then didn’t wake up.

#5: River Phoenix

“Dark Blood” (2012) Despite his kind heart and phenomenal talents, River Phoenix sadly struggled with a demon that plagues many celebrities: substance abuse. His drug issues got the better of him on October 30, 1993, the night he was scheduled to perform at a bar called The Viper Room. His siblings flew out to support their brother, but instead found him convulsing from a multiple drug overdose just outside the bar. By the time paramedics had arrived, River had flatlined and he was announced dead shortly thereafter. River had been filming a thriller called “Dark Blood” at the time, but production was abandoned due to his death. Almost two decades later, though, the film was finally completed and released.

This Hollywood Model has the best body figure in the world

Chloe Elizabeth Marshall is a charming and adorable plus-size model known for her remarkable work as Jag Model, and Ford Model. She won the Miss Surrey title in March 2008. She became the first size 16 model to reach the finals for the Miss England tiara.


Born and raised in England, Chloe Marshall early childhood memories is completely hidden. However, she might have been very cute during her childhood. Likewise, Marshall deep interest and starter of her career is also missing from Chloe Marshall bio. However, she came into rise by participating in Miss England tiara held in England and became the first model to enter in the finals.


Her zodiac sign is Aries.She decided to become a model at age 15.In March 2008, she won the Miss Surrey beauty pageant.


6 Pics That Will Instantly Make You Happy

Good day to all of you friends. Welcome back to my inspirational channel where you get many new things to learn everyday. Today I have brought an interesting article about some pictures that will instantly make you laugh & feel happy. let me share this hilarious article with all of you.

6. Raise your hand if you have done this in your childhood for demanding the things you want..!


5. This picture speaks the truth about the doctors in government hospitals & private hospitals…! How many of you agree with this picture..?


4. What do you say about this picture friends..? I hope you will raise your hand..!


3. Ha ha ha..! This is the real meaning of flying kiss…! Thank God I am not the pilot of this plane..!


2. Do you have such biker in your group or are you one of them..? Let me know in the below comment box.


1. This is exactly true my dear friends..! If you don’t believe then try it out by yourself..!


5 People Who Became Famous Overnight On The Internet

I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have brought an interesting article about some people who became crazy famous overnight on the internet. Let me show those photos to all of you here.

1. Chaiwaala:


This handsome blue eye chaiwaala literally gained lots of attention from ladies who were swooning for him & soon he went on to become a model & he became the face of a brand.

2. Mystery Woman In Olympics:


As the marching past with the Indian team in London Olympics. People started questioning about the girl & her whereabouts & soon media found her. It was said she was a post graduate student & her name is Madura honey.

3. Natalie Dzenkiv:


Do you know she is a Ukrainian singer & the Turkish officials stopped her & detained her assuming that she has forged someone’s document & her age because she looks younger than her actual age mentioned in the passport.

4. Elle Johnson:


Let me tell you that she was banned from posting any sorts of pictures because her pictures include all bold statements that are not reaching the guidelines of the policy which made the officials to ban her but Elle claimed that she followed all the rules & regulations.

5. Most Handsome Man:


This mam came into limelight when there came news where a man was eventually removed from a festival for looking too handsome &soon he became famous & people became curious by this incident. Now what do you say about this article guys?

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5 Painful Pictures That shows The Sad Reality Of Everyday Life

I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have brought an interesting article about some painful pictures that shows the sad reality of everyday life. Let me show those heart touching pictures to all of you here.

5. Dad! Please don’t look that side..!


4. Nowadays only money speaks for the education…!


3. Illegal love affairs in college life can be seen in nowadays generation..!


2. Death gives you recognition & life gives denial..!


1. The sad reality of today’s generation & society…!



The most beautiful girlfriend of history who was killed by Akbar

Friends Akbar’s son Salim loved a girl whom people knew as Anarkali. Anarkali was considered to be the most beautiful woman of that time, but she was a dancer. Friends, Anarkali presented their first dance in front of Emperor Akbar, only after this dance Akbar declared it the best dancer of the Mughal Sultanate.


Both Akbar and Salim used to dance together in the court. Slowly, the closeness between Anarkali and Salim started to grow and both of them fell in love. Salim could not remain a moment without Anarkali. When Akbar came to know about this, Akbar decided to separate the two because Akbar did not want that the queen of Hindus became a dancer.


The conflict between Akbar and Salim started growing and the matter reached the battle. There was a fierce battle in both father sons and Salim was defeated in this war, then Akbar put two options in front of Salim, or he would have left Anarkali or embraced death.


Salim got ready to embrace death but Anarkali was ready to embrace death before Salim. Then Akbar chose Anarkali to live in the wall and gave Salim and Anarkali separately. The tomb of Anarkali is still present in Lahore.

17 Best Indian Web Series of All Time

Indian TV serials have always been close to our hearts, for some of us, but nowadays watching the web series is the latest discussion. Just because we are all through Hindi or Hinglish TV serials does not mean that we are through everything on Indian television. Regardless, the web-series is considered more independent in their portrayals and can carry sexier on the same old story, without much worrying about censorship. You can easily find many tons and clear content, without any noise in all such web-series.

So far, while most such web-series have been limited to one season, with an average of 8-10 episodes per season, very few people have gone to the extent of entering their second or second seasons. However, the USP of this type of web-series is very low (such as the reduction of steel plates, shaping snakes and not what), and more to present a social message or a strong plot. And so far, none of them have disappointed us. not at all. Although I had originally ruled over over 40 such meaningful Indian web-series on the Internet, there are only some of the best in this list which you can make the most.

Everyone said and done, I call 2016 as the Golden Year for many budding Indian web-series and is surprisingly or surprisingly close to 80% of the aforementioned web-series. Thus, the non-detailed list of the top Indian web-series ever becomes, which can again drop you for content like Indian serials. You can see many of these best Indian web chains on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

17. Dev DD (2017-)


16. TVF Inmates (2017-)


15. Bang Baaja Baaraat (2015-)


14. Chinese Bhasad (2016-)


12. Life Sahi Hai (2016-)


11. Humorously Yours (2016-)


10. Ladies Room (2016-)


9. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai Take 2 (2017-)


8. Inside Edge (2017-)


7. A.I.SHA: My Virtual Girlfriend (2016-)


6. Man’s World (2015-)


5. Baked (2015-)


4. Girl in the City (2016-)


3. TVF Tripling (2016-)


2. TVF Permanent Roommates (2014-)


1. TVF Pitchers (2015-)