7 Best Teacher In The World

7 best teachers in the world that show how they enjoy being teacher and stay cool all the time, handling student like boss.

Hey when we are student we all know that teachers are best part of our life, but today i want to share best teachers that make you laugh by there unique talent.

1. History Teacher

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This is what happen when history teacher starts taking history way too seriously.

what if my guru become Hitler too. seriously i even don’t understand why she wear such thing to explain there student, maybe she showing real life example.

2. Too Savage

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Whoever did this is the savage most teacher ever..! great student understand this.

3. Too Serious

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This teacher takes his job of making geometrical figures on board a little too seriously..! dumb or intelligent.

4. Good Influence

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This teacher found an abandoned stray kitten near the school. She seems to be a great influence on pets, why she carry cat on lecture.

5. Valid Point

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This teacher has got a very valid point..! they know very well to all its student don’t be smart with your teachers.

6. Extra Ordinary

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This teachers seems to be a little extraordinary in every sense!

she is teaching a very fantastic way that i can’t blink my eyes from its a great guru making hard stuff for there student.

7. Listen Carefully

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This teacher has made it loud & clear that people need to take him seriously..!

thanks to all teachers who make our life better.

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