The smart person is the one who always keeps two things secret

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you about two things told by Chanakya that the smart person always keeps secret. Never let anyone else appear before it.

Guys Chanakya was a wise man who told great things for the life of man. Chanakya has written a book named Chanakya policy in which things have been written, on which if a person walks on his way, then all kinds of sorrows will end in his life. If every person in the world adopts Chanakya policy then he will definitely get success in life. So let’s have two things to come.

1) Talks about the character of your life partner-

Friends, the person who is intelligent and clever, never tells another person about the character of his life partner. If a person tells another person about the character of his life partner. The cracks fall between them and their life becomes a subject of joke. Therefore, it should never be told to any other person about the character of his life partner.

2) Talk about your insults –

According to Chanakya, the person who does not tell any other person about his insult is always happy and good. If a person tells another person about his insult, then when he gets an opportunity, that person can do his evil. The person who does not tell anyone about his insult is considered smart and intelligent.

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