Hater Tried To Troll Rohan Gavaskar Over Nepotism, Rohan’s Kickass Reply Made Him Delete Account

The debate on nepotism mostly takes place in Bollywood but sometimes it also gets started in the Indian cricket world as people love to troll kids of the famous cricketers. Rohan Gavaskar is one such former Indian cricketer who has faced many trolls in his life but the good thing is that he is going pretty strong and knows how to deal with haters.

Rohan hasn’t played for India much but he is a very famous person in the domestic circuit. However, what makes him the favourite target of trollers is that he is son of the well-known Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar who is certainly a living legend. Nowadays, Rohan is busy with his commentary commitments in the national and international circuits and presently, he is fulfilling his commitment at the Road Safety World Series which has begun from March 5 (today).

The 45 years old cricketer recently posted a photo on his official Twitter account with India Legends.

As soon as Rohan made the tweet, some trollers started targeting him and one of them said that he must have got place in the team on the basis of father’s quota.

Rohan responded by asking the troller whether he got admission in school in this way. Here is what Rohan tweeted, “Is that how you got into your school? Shrek is a good name btw”.

Rohan Gavaskar slammed the troller by asking as to who told him that he (Rohan) is playing, adding that he should check the facts first before saying anything. Rohan’s tweet read, “Who said I was playing?? Get your facts right and then have a go at someone. But then it’s all a bit too much to ask someone to get their facts sorted before opening their mouth. Clearly that’s not your strong suit!!”

Despite the fact that Rohan tells him clearly he is not playing, the troller doesn’t stop here and says that as he is wearing the jersey, this means he is a part of the group and it is not correct if he is commentating as he should not take sides. In the end, the troller also writes that he feels sorry for Rohan’s father Sunil Gavaskar.

In his response, Rohan tells the troller that he is a part of the support staff and he further asks the hater to get the facts right first. Rohan also takes a jibe at him by saying that he feels sorry for the troller’s parents as how they will feel when they will come to know that he is a troller and he is getting rid of his own frustrations by trolling other people.

This is what Rohan wrote, “Erm, no!! I’m part of the support staff. Again, get your facts right. Don’t jump to conclusions. I feel sorry for your parents too. Imagine how they must feel knowing their son is a troll. It must be a real let down for them. Their son removing his frustrations by trolling”.

The troller has not only deleted the tweets but also deleted his account after the strong bashing that he got by Rohan Gavaskar.

What do you think of this whole incident? Don’t you think that trolling Rohan here was unnecessary?

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