17 Best Indian Web Series of All Time

Indian TV serials have always been close to our hearts, for some of us, but nowadays watching the web series is the latest discussion. Just because we are all through Hindi or Hinglish TV serials does not mean that we are through everything on Indian television. Regardless, the web-series is considered more independent in their portrayals and can carry sexier on the same old story, without much worrying about censorship. You can easily find many tons and clear content, without any noise in all such web-series.

So far, while most such web-series have been limited to one season, with an average of 8-10 episodes per season, very few people have gone to the extent of entering their second or second seasons. However, the USP of this type of web-series is very low (such as the reduction of steel plates, shaping snakes and not what), and more to present a social message or a strong plot. And so far, none of them have disappointed us. not at all. Although I had originally ruled over over 40 such meaningful Indian web-series on the Internet, there are only some of the best in this list which you can make the most.

Everyone said and done, I call 2016 as the Golden Year for many budding Indian web-series and is surprisingly or surprisingly close to 80% of the aforementioned web-series. Thus, the non-detailed list of the top Indian web-series ever becomes, which can again drop you for content like Indian serials. You can see many of these best Indian web chains on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

17. Dev DD (2017-)


16. TVF Inmates (2017-)


15. Bang Baaja Baaraat (2015-)


14. Chinese Bhasad (2016-)


12. Life Sahi Hai (2016-)


11. Humorously Yours (2016-)


10. Ladies Room (2016-)


9. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai Take 2 (2017-)


8. Inside Edge (2017-)


7. A.I.SHA: My Virtual Girlfriend (2016-)


6. Man’s World (2015-)


5. Baked (2015-)


4. Girl in the City (2016-)


3. TVF Tripling (2016-)


2. TVF Permanent Roommates (2014-)


1. TVF Pitchers (2015-)