The most beautiful girlfriend of history who was killed by Akbar

Friends Akbar’s son Salim loved a girl whom people knew as Anarkali. Anarkali was considered to be the most beautiful woman of that time, but she was a dancer. Friends, Anarkali presented their first dance in front of Emperor Akbar, only after this dance Akbar declared it the best dancer of the Mughal Sultanate.


Both Akbar and Salim used to dance together in the court. Slowly, the closeness between Anarkali and Salim started to grow and both of them fell in love. Salim could not remain a moment without Anarkali. When Akbar came to know about this, Akbar decided to separate the two because Akbar did not want that the queen of Hindus became a dancer.


The conflict between Akbar and Salim started growing and the matter reached the battle. There was a fierce battle in both father sons and Salim was defeated in this war, then Akbar put two options in front of Salim, or he would have left Anarkali or embraced death.


Salim got ready to embrace death but Anarkali was ready to embrace death before Salim. Then Akbar chose Anarkali to live in the wall and gave Salim and Anarkali separately. The tomb of Anarkali is still present in Lahore.